strategy execution features that achieve time to value in days

strategy execution delivered in a seamless connected workspace to save time, remove silos, eliminate internal email and engage everyone on what really matters

strategy execution powered by collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers

#stratapp allows you to add, for free, guest users who are external to your organization. With #stratapp, you can collaborate in real-time with your clients, partners and suppliers, within the context of strategy and day to day work. Guest users cannot see your headlines, heatmap, strategy, OKRs or content they…
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strategy execution balanced with easy risk management

In theory, boards of directors, CEOs and company officers are to track and manage risks. In practice, this is hard to do, so often we delegate risk management to the CFO role. Risks typically get logged into a static document, with variable accountability and limited visibility of the risk status,…
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strategy execution driven by OKRs

Success on strategy executions requires us to balance strategy execution with daily work. #stratapp solves this balance in one seamless digital workspace. OKRs, brought to fame by John Doerr and the founders of Google, are brilliant for driving strategy execution. In #stratapp, OKRs become a natural part of each day,…
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strategy execution with genuine employee engagement

Gallup & Deloitte concluded from a recent 5 year study that no factor has more impact on employee engagement than “clearly defined goals that are written down and shared freely.” #stratapp takes sharing freely to the next level. Since 2010 the world has seen incredible viral adoption of work collaboration…
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strategy execution and plans communicated simply as a cascading tree

The strategic planning tree cascades as: goals > sub-goals > actions > sub-actions. At each level in the tree you can assign different owners, teams, workboards, tasks, ideas, risks and OKRs. You can quickly catch up on strategy execution via the dashboard, trending and social views. What people can see…
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strategy execution in one seamless digital workspace

Up until about 2010, there was an enthusiastic rush to add as many consumer apps to your smartphone as possible. At almost every pub or restaurant gathering you’d hear someone say: “So, what cool new apps have you discovered this week?” A similar explosion of choice happened with enterprise software,…
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strategy execution designed around what you already know

With #stratapp, you do not need to learn new management practices, methodologies or terms. #stratapp applies what most CEOs, executives, managers and team leaders already know. The strategic plan cascades as: goals > objectives > actions > projects. At each tree level you can assign different owners, teams, workboards, tasks…
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our mobile app applies Steve Jobs’ passion for thumb browsing

#stratapp puts “your company in your pocket!” That phrase is not our only inspiration from the late Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had a passion for smartphone UX design that takes into account user mode (what they are trying to achieve) and physical interaction (how they interact with devices). His thinking…
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view strategy execution and daily work on a live global heatmap

Imagine if you could see in real time what is happening across the whole organization. Where are your people? Who is winning? Who needs help? What is the cultural heartbeat right now? How can I communicate in a knowledgeable and constructive way, instead of a reactive and micromanaging way? #stratapp’s…
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strategy execution powered by authentic social at all levels

There are so many great case studies on the positive impact for employee engagement, when CEOs and senior leaders drop into social conversations to offer encouragement, support and recognition. A CEO offering such at the watercooler, will often see the ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect as their well intended meaning passes from…
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strategy execution powered by ideation, tapping to talent at all levels

When do the best ideas hit us? Certainly not during quarterly or annual surveys! Ideas live and breathe with us everyday. It could be during an internal or external meeting, commute to work, inflight or when our kids come up with a new way of doing things. Capture ideas on…
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strategy execution without noise, social collaboration with context and structure

Social apps without context or structure, just add more noise. Especially as you move above 50 employees into mid-market and corporates. Social fast becomes a twitter-style fire hose of notifications, or like being on the end of hundreds of reply-all emails per day. #stratapp has found a way to embrace…
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strategy execution on a Live Org Chart showing who is working on what right now

“I wonder why Sam is not getting back to me, I sent him that over a week ago?” Sound familiar? What if you could go to a Live Org Chart and instantly see: Who is working for Sam on what right now? What is Sam working on right now? What…
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strategy execution powered by live meetings notes and actions to your workspace

Eliminate double handling and deliver on accountability. When you attend a meeting or conference call, know that the actions from that meeting will automatically appear in your workspace. No need for you to go back to the original notes. Plus in a few clicks, you can immediately track what has…
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connects to

culture elevation

  • radical transparency and trust
  • real-time alignment and collaboration

next gen ready

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • asking y-gen to collaborate via email and static docs, is like asking all of us to go back to using fax machines

employee productivity

  • 15-30% increase in productivity
  • provide every employee the tools to succeed
  • attract and retain the best talent, for the right reasons

business performance

  • 15-30% increase in business valuation
  • de-risk and make the business agile
  • execute strategy and daily work above expectations

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