strategy execution resources from inspiring thought leaders

explaining why each of these strategy execution resources are relevant

good strategy bad strategy by Richard Rumelt

Richard Rumelt is brilliant! In our view, this is the all time greatest thinking and resource for developing and executing strategy. As Chuck Harrington, CEO of Parsons Corporation, says: “Richard Rumelt reinforces that a strategy is not a goal or…

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many strategies fail because they’re not actually strategies by…

Static strategy docs and top-down comms is so old school! “The strategy consultants come in, do their work, and document…

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Professor Roger Martin on what CEOs should really be…

Professor Roger Martin is a legend on strategy. His thinking plays well to #stratapp, the world’s first org-wide strategy application…

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your strategy should be a hypothesis you constantly adjust…

strategy should be constantly evolving – not static or annual. This article on evolving strategy as you learn, goes to…

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principles by Ray Dalio and embracing radical transparency

radical transparency was made famous by Ray Dalio’s book Principles. Ray Dalio… keep reading

how to excel at both strategy and execution by…

Company leaders rarely excel at both strategy and execution. “According to a… keep reading

is anyone in your company paying attention to strategic…

How to achieve strategic alignment at all levels, roles and generations. “All… keep reading

how to run a company with (almost) no rules…

Ricardo Semler shot to fame with his book Maverick, an inspiring fresh… keep reading

measure what matters by John Doerr

Google has applied Andy Grove’s OKR methodology every quarter since 1999. John… keep reading

employee engagement without business performance is a fail; business…

Gallup’s Q12 Index on measuring employee engagement is useful for evaluating the… keep reading

how great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek

Y-gen / millennials globally embrace Simon Sinek’s TED talk on ‘start with… keep reading

millennials in the workplace by Simon Sinek

y-gen / millennials are just magic, a breath of fresh air we… keep reading

a subtle shift in offshoring, that actually works

How to seamlessly align your onshore and offshore teams. With so much… keep reading

connects to

culture elevation

  • radical transparency and trust
  • real-time alignment and collaboration

next gen ready

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • asking y-gen to collaborate via email and static docs, is like asking all of us to go back to using fax machines

employee productivity

  • 15-30% increase in productivity
  • provide every employee the tools to succeed
  • attract and retain the best talent, for the right reasons

business performance

  • 15-30% increase in business valuation
  • de-risk and make the business agile
  • execute strategy and daily work above expectations

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